This woman didn't do bungee jumping without a rope

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A viral video is making rounds on Social Media and WhatsApp about a girl attempting bungee jumping and falling without a rope. At first glance, it is a chilling video which will leave you numb for a moment.
But, interestingly, it is actually not it looks like. The viral video which is being shared extensively is just a cut short video which was shot from the back.

As shown in the full video, an alternate angle of the stunt showed the girl waving a victory sign. A rope can be clearly seen tied to her legs.

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One of the prominent national daily shared the trimmed video on their social media handle with a title:‘On cam: Girl’s bungee jump goes horribly wrong?’. The ten-second video shows a woman preparing for a bungee jump, only for the trainer to realise he forgot to hook her up to the rope before he pushed her off.
However, the video was just incomplete and clearly, the national daily didn’t bother to a fact check of the video.
The video had circulated heavily on WhatsApp.

The English daily even shared the video on Facebook, which has now been taken down – but in 12 hours it got nearly 5.3 lakh views, 1,700 shares and over 2,000 comments.

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