No! ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans were not raised by these school kids

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A video has surfaced on the internet in which some students can be heard raising slogans. The claim attached to the video is that the kids are raising ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans.
The caption of the video read: “मंदसौर में अंजुमन स्कूल से निकलते ही पाकिस्तान जिंदाबाद के नारे लगवाए।।
फिर ये डरे हुए बोलते हैं की हमने किया क्या है”
(Translation: Pakistan Zindabad slogans were raised in Anjuman school in Mandsaur. Then they ask what did we do)


When NewsMobile fact-checking team did a fact check, we found that the claim attached to the video is FAKE.
On putting the keywords like ‘Mandsaur’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, we found an article by dated July 17th, 2019.

In the article, is has been mentioned that the students of a madrasa-cum-English medium school were protesting in support of their Principal Sabir Panwala in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh.
During the protest, kids were raising ‘Sabir Sahab Zindabad’ and not ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans as being circulated over social media platforms.
Hence, the above information proves that the students were not raising ‘Pakistan Zindabaad’ slogans.

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