Ellen DeGeneres is not holding a Facebook giveaway; these profiles are FAKE

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Recently, several posts are being put on facebook claiming that Ellen DeGeneres is giving out money to contest winners.
The posts are put out by various accounts claiming to be of Ellen’s and the text reads, ”
WANTED WINNER !!! this is not fraud
starting today,..
I will choose people randomly on Facebook everyone who * shares * will receive gift cards, cash, and a big winner can win the car “Share now” do not miss !!! We watched
Until the weekend !!! I will choose 50 lucky people. $ 50,000; – each only follows instructions. …
Step 1 – Like
Step 2 – Share this post with 3 groups
Step 3 – comments “money”
Step 4 – After everything is done, send me a message saying “DONE”
In just 5 minutes can change your life. This is a historic activity in my life. where can I help the people who love me …”


When NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, we found it to be fake. In fact, such posts are doing rounds for quite some time now.
We checked the official Facebook account of Ellen DeGeneres and found a verified account.

Moreover, in 2018 DeGeneres in a tweet clarified that the posts are fake. ” There are a lot of people on social media who pretend to be me and tell people they won contests. I want you to know, we will NEVER ask for your financial information online. If someone is asking for that, it’s not me. ” she tweeted.

The above information proves that the viral posts are fake and so are the accounts.

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