Are all Indian Navy personnel arrested in espionage case RSS members? Here's the truth

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An image alleging that a spy racket was busted in the Indian Navy along with the names of all those busted and an image with it is being circulated on social media.
The caption reads“All RSS activists (sic) may not be spies however all arrested spies upto now were RSS.” 

Here’s the link to the above post.
The image was further shared on Facebook:


We fact-checked the news and its multiple aspects.
On putting the image into Google Reverse Image Search, we found that it belongs to an arrest in Gurugram from February 2017. The arrest was made for a gang rape charge.

We then searched the alleged news through a Google search and we found a news report by India today, stating that 13 Indian Navy personnel have so far have been apprehended in an espionage case and the probe has been widened to other suspected social media profiles of personnel who could have been in touch with Pakistani intelligence operatives.

Further, none of the news reports mentions any names. When we individually researched these names on Google, it revealed no relevant results.
Hence, the news is only somewhat true but presented in a misleading and false manner.

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